• How old are you?

          Trying to figure out at what point I start counting backwards, but as of December 7th, I’m 29

  • What are you doing with your life?

           I graduated in 2018 with my Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy. I worked as a Pediatric OT for 3 years and                 LOVED my job; however, an opportunity presented itself for me to take a step-back from a 40 hour work week and             engage in opportunities that allowed for more time with my family, for myself, and exploring what my heart                       desires. 

  • Where the heck is your hometown of “Grand Point”?

           Alright, so Grand Point is one of those SUPER small towns, kind of like the ones you grow to love in your random               Hallmark movies (yes, I caught you). It’s about midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and is in St.                         James Parish, the parish where the Festival of the Bonfires takes place each year and the lighting of the bonfires               takes place every Christmas Eve (peep: my family’s bonfire and my cute as a button PawPaw and cousins in the                second picture)

  • What do you like to do in your spare time? 

          Exploring: seriously- exploring cuisines, cities, the kitchen, perspectives, just exploring in general. I tend to drag                my poor husband and pup to new restaurants and bars all the time; I LOVE being able to take Ollie out and about                with us, he’s always the center of attention. But when we’re not out and about, I’ve grown super fond of baking                    lately! I’ve been trying one new recipe a week and I (and Ollie who gets all the droppings on the floor) have been                loving it! 

  • Did you just wake up one day and decide to start a blog?

          Well- some of you may have been here from the beginning (2018) and some may be finding me now (2021), but for              those who are new, I actually started writing years ago then went on a brief (not so brief) hiatus. Prior to my first                blog post ever, I had been thinking about it for a while, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d say, what my goals for a                blog would be, or why anyone would want to hear from me! But with the start of 2018, I had told myself that I                      would no longer let others’ opinions hold me back, hence, January 6, http://www.shelbybourgeois.com was purchased                and then (at 3:11 am January 7th,) I was stuck on the dang computer typing my life away not letting my fears of                  others’ criticism stop me and, let me tell you IT. WAS. AWESOME. This had been in my brain for over a year with a            number of ideas coming in and out but some extra encouragement from my roommates at the time helped                          xoShelby to be born back then. It got to be a bit overwhelming trying to post at least once a week amidst me trying            to finish grad school and figure out my place in the world, so I needed to take a step back; however, I’M BACK and I            am excited to share who I am and what I am all about lately! 

  • Why “xoShelby”?

           So back in college I was the President of my sorority, and with that came emails, SO. MANY. EMAILS. and no                      matter the subject, the hour, or the amount of frustration I always always ended those emails with “xoShelby”.                    Then, fast-forward a year or so, and I got into graduate school, and I was the President of our Student Association.              Those emails, too, I typically ended with “xoShelby”. I’m not sure that it was a conscious decision (maybe my                      inner Gossip Girl coming out), but that xoShelby just became my signature; a sign to everyone that no matter how              serious the matter, I still cared enough to wish them hugs and kisses. It became a part of who I was to my peers                  and I love love love having something like that that with people from all across the world who all meant so much              to me. My little who will go on to be an amazing doctor read that, my classmate who is in a band in New Orleans              read that, my roommates who taught me what true true friendship is read that; “xoShelby”, something so dang                    small, but something that has become such a meaningful part of who I am. I love it, and I hope you begin to soon.