What’s Right Versus What’s Smart

I’ve been going through plenty of changes these last few months- change in address, change in relationship status, change in life status (student –> OT, woah), among many others. I’ve also had a huge change of heart come from all of this. I’ve always been one to plan, to calculate the effects of what I do, and to make the “smart” decision rather than following my heart and doing what might be the “right” decision for me; however, I’ve recently experienced an internal change that I want to share with you.

So after moving to New Orleans for undergrad at Tulane about 7 years ago, I fell in love with the city. A love that made me feel full of life, re-energized, challenged, and excited to wake up everyday. Sure, I had felt these feelings previously, but to feel these collectively daily brought, to me, a whole new meaning to the word “happiness”.  Lucky for me, that school and that city introduced me to friends, perspectives, food, and experiences that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else- I was one of the lucky ones that found a home away from home, in this city and with these people. Fast-forward a few years and I was once again blessed in a big way by getting accepted to Occupational Therapy school in New Orleans, so I got to extend my stay #thankgoodness. Well, school finished and I find myself at home, in Paulina, and as you know, if you’ve read previous posts, I LOVE HOME. However, upon job hunting and attempting to take my first step into becoming an adult, I found myself presented an awesome job offer in Prairieville, Louisiana. So now, here we are, at a crossroads between a smart decision and a right decision, a life at home or a new adventure in a new city, paying rent or living with the fam, doing laundry and cooking for myself or continuing to give my mom the privilege of doing those things ;)- what the heck do I do?

….well, I decided to take the plunge and move out, and although a financially stupid decision, I know my heart will be more full. I know that I will have more opportunities to meet people and have my opinions once again challenged, to explore a new city and fall in love with new places, to work on figuring out life for myself rather than continue to run through the same predictable days. I didn’t make the “smart” decision, but considering what I know fills my cup day by day, I felt like in this instance the “smart” decision wasn’t necessarily the “right” decision, and here’s the kicker… THAT’S OKAY.

It’s okay to take a chance on ourself. It’s okay to make a decision that might make us have a few “uh-oh” moments. It’s okay to live life rather than to just make it through the days. It’s okay to be happy and it’s even more okay to make conscious decisions to find happiness and to create it.

So I encourage you to challenge yourself, to do some reflection, and to figure out what fills your cup. It might not be, heck it often won’t be, what is considered the smart thing, but a happy heart is what we are searching for on this Earth, isn’t it? So take the trip, make the move, dye your hair, do whatever it is that makes your heart full, and don’t look back. Sure, people might think you’re absolutely crazy or might encourage you to do the smart/more safe thing, but do what will make you happy, you’ll be so thankful that you did.

Right now, I’m in Los Angeles with my best gal pal, this weekend I move into a house in Baton Rouge with my best friend from elementary school, I’ve passed my occupational therapy board exam, and have begun training at my new job- life is good great, and my heart is full, all because I decided to live my life and not let it pass me by. And look, I’m VERY aware that there will be rough days ahead, but I’m also very aware that it will all be okay because I am surrounded by the greatest family and friends in the world and have the Lord in my corner. As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” friends, I want you to make it the greatest adventure that you can.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 6.07.55 PM.png

Hope you all have an awesome week ❤

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One thought on “What’s Right Versus What’s Smart

  1. What an inspiring post, Shelby Lynn! I love it… and couldn’t be happier for you! Here’s to new adventures!!! … and many more reunions in Nola! XO 💋


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