Homecoming- (n.) the instance of returning home

Well, that may be the dictionary definition of homecoming, but in south Louisiana “homecoming” is thought of as a celebration surrounding high school football where alumni return home for a celebration of community, family, and the memories of high school.

This week was homecoming at my high school, St. Charles Catholic. It just so happens to be my youngest brother’s senior year also, so this week was a big one for my family. From the pep rally to the alumni cook-off to watching Sutton’s girlfriend and friends walk across the field as members of homecoming court to seeing them all dressed up for their dance the next day, it was a great week and a great reminder of just how special our SCC community is. I am so thankful to be a Comet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 10.52.19 PM.png
Not many people can make a broken foot look as cute as Sara can ❤ 

So like I said, homecoming is the celebration of a return home, so after all of the exciting events surrounding SCC homecoming week I got to thinking about the word “homecoming” even more. Fast-forward to last night, I found myself at Christ the King Church on LSU’s campus and it hit me that of all homecoming celebrations, the most important is one that we can play such an important role in if we accept the call- the celebration of bringing others home to Christ. HELLO, there is absolutely no greater goal than that of reaching Heaven, and if we live our life trying to help others to get to Heaven then we are rightfully earning our place there as well. It’s time for us to throw away our pride and our fears of being judged or denied and whole heartedly step up to fulfill the real role of a Christian which is to spread the word of God through our words and actions ultimately helping our brothers and sisters to earn their eternal life. The cool thing is that we are capable of doing this, God has given us all of the graces we need to successfully spread His word, but it is up to us to accept His challenge and use the gifts that he granted us to serve him.

Imagine how good it feels to come home after a long day at work or a long night of football, this satisfaction is nothing compared to what God has promised us in Heaven. So if you are looking for a sign to turn your life back to Christ, here it is. Come home to Him, He is always ready to welcome you back with open arms. And if you are faithful to Him, step into your role of evangelizer and use your life to guide others home to Him.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 11.02.18 PM.png

Next week, I promise something a little more light- some clothes, some beauty, and perhaps some Fall/Winter NOLA recommendations, but today, this was something that was on my heart to share with you! I hope you all have a great week friends ❤

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