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YALL, I am SO excited about this! Welcome to my first ever post on xoShelby, a blog that’s been nothing more than a figment of my imagination for circa 427 days. I’m so serious when I say that I am thankful for you guys for reading this, am so excited to share my journey through the rough rough times as a twenty-something year old, and am so #blessed that I now finally have a place where I can express my feelings about fashion, food, faith, beauty, and any other topic under the sun!

I hope you guys sign up to receive my email update every Monday at lunch time for a midday pick me up; I can’t promise you’ll always learn something new from what you read, but I can promise you’ll be entertained, likely puzzled (attempting to follow my thought processes), and hopefully inspired when you leave here; and hey, don’t we all need a little lagniappe on top of a typical Monday?!

But before things get super ironed out, what do YOU want me to talk about week after week? I mean, it’s no use in me talking about ways to organize your closet if you guys all have personal assistants who do that for you #fancy, or for me to share my advice on life as a twenty-something year old if you’ve all got it figured out, or for me to talk about my favorite place to grab a taco if you all rather live on a low carb diet (“God Karen you’re so stupid”), so what’s the deal? What do you want me to ramble about for approx. 1000 words a week: fashion, hair, housework, food, faith, general life on a farm in Grand Point- Louisiana?! Seriously, let me know below! Fill out the comment section giving me a heads up on what you want or else I may talk about the $4 pair of water shoes I wore to 4-H camp when I was 11 for the next three posts, and no one really wants that…

Regardless, I am SO happy to be here with you and to have an outlet to share my life and my story with the people around me. I hope that I can learn from you and that maybe you can learn a thing or two from me along the way, but in the mean time I hope we can have some fun sharing with each other our highs and lows, our praises and our complaints, and our eye rolls and our belly laughs. Welcome to xoShelby, I am so so happy to have you here!



10 thoughts on “WELCOME Y’ALL

  1. YOU ARE SO FUNNY !!!! Love this!!! Talk about veggies please???? And Jesus though for real how you make time for him during our CRAZY BUSY DAYS!!!


  2. I want to hear about your style! Youโ€™re always dressed like you walked out of Pinterest!

    Congratulations on your blog! Canโ€™t wait to have some weekly girl time with you, even if itโ€™s through a screen! ๐Ÿ˜˜

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