Third- Wheelin’ in Walt Disney World

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Hi, my name is Shelby and I’m obsessed with Disney.

Okay my friends, something that I don’t think I’ve mentioned previously is that I LOVE DISNEY- the world, the idea, the movies, the man, everything. Something that I also may not have previously mentioned is that I am basically obsessed with my parents; they’re just so stinkin awesome in every way possible- they’re funny, they’re full of love and life, and they are so fun to be around. SO when they invited me to go on a last minute Disney trip with them- HECK YES x539571, like put me on a plane right this second and let’s do the dang thing.

I’ve loved Disney World since I first went when I was 8 years-old, I loved it as a teenager, and now I love it as a young-adult. The sense of wonder that fills the place makes me cry on average 5x a day when I’m at the parks #notlying. Now, I’m fully aware that the lines can be ridiculous, the crowds overwhelming, and the prices sometimes laugh-inducing, but still, this place makes my heart so full and my mind so open to all of the goodness that this world has to offer. I’ll do a post sometime next week on the logistics of our trip along with my tips and tricks, but I wanted to keep this post to some of my thoughts and insights from the trip.


Let me start with this, if you ever have the opportunity to hang out with your parents one-on-one, don’t hesitate to take full advantage of that situation. I joke about third-wheeling them often especially since I’ve moved home for a few months, but I have learned so much about love and life and respect from these two, so having them to myself for 5 days was like Christmas morning over and over again.


GOODNESS I JUST LOVE THEM; I loved my time with them as a pair as well as the time I got to spend with each of them individually. So point #1-  hang out with your parents, with your siblings, with your grandparents, with literally everyone who means anything to you- that one-on-one time is so different than time with a group- it encourages you to learn about the person on a deeper level which makes your appreciation for who they are grow infinitely.

My next point (the thought that cued my first set of tears on the plane) is that if we lived each day with as much excitement and as much happiness as a kid landing in Disney World, our world would be such a different place. Hear me out, we took an 8 a.m. flight and got placed on the plane behind twin girls who were probably around 4 years old and their mom. I legitimately want to be BFFs with these girls for a few reasons, but besides the impressive amount of king cake these littles consumed on the plane and their freaking adorable outfits, I just loved overhearing the impatience in every “are we almost there, mom?!” and the can’t stay in your seat, jump up and down kind of excitement that they felt/yelled when the pilot welcomed us to Orlando. Not a care in the world, not tainted by the worries of adulthood, not rolling their eyes because the plane exit was taking too long- simply enjoying the excitement of what was to come. We can learn so much from kids, every age, every ability level, every single kid can teach us something, and I am so thankful that I got to sit behind these little ones during our plane ride. They put things into perspective for me and made me truly alter my attitude and begin to try to live like a 4 year old on the plane to Disney- optimistic, full of joy, and attacking each day with a full load of umph.

SO I challenge you, readers, to spend time learning about those around you, to seize the day, and to live every single day like a four year old on the plane to Disney World. Have a magical week my friends 🙂

Happy Monday Y’all ❤


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