A Little Bit of Everything

Louisiana weather is NEVER predictable, but my goodness, this year has been wild. Just in the last week we’ve seen temps as high as 89 and as low as 50, we’ve had severe thunderstorms, a tornado, sunshine, and fog, I mean it’s been crazy. Thankfully, I am busy studying for my NBCOT Occupational Therapy board exam so for most of the week I’m stuck inside and the weather doesn’t really make a difference to me, but otherwise I am doing all that I can to take advantage of the sunshine when it’s here! One way I’m doing that is through…..

BASEBALL! Living home these past few months I’ve gotten the chance to go to SO many of Sutton’s high school baseball games, and I just love them so much. Our high school is a super small Catholic high school right outside of New Orleans, but the community that it fosters is so much fun. I’ve loved getting to support him this season! Playoffs are almost here so send some positive vibes our way, I don’t want this season to end!

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.48.11 PM
How cute is he!? Go #3!

But aside from baseball….Hi, my name is Shelby and I am obsessed with New Orleans- obsessed. I love the music, the art, the people, the food, the restaurants, and even just the feel of the place, so this week when I had to head to town to give a lecture I decided to mosey (anyone else thought this was spelled with a “z”?!) on down to French Quarter Festival for a bit. Sure, I should have been studying, SO I attempted…..lying on a blanket by the river listening to the festival music with about 5,000 people around me, but that obviously didn’t last too long. Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.48.00 PM.png

Then once I put the book away and got tired of sitting still, I walked around the city, popped into a few of my favorite places, then got a phone call that, SURPRISE my parents were coming meet me! We had the best time together; they hadn’t been to FQF before so were super excited to get the chance to go this year. We already can’t wait for next year- now let’s see if I can talk them into coming to Jazz Fest with me 🙂 Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 7.47.47 PM

In other news, my jumpsuit is from Old Navy and is SO comfortable and so versatile- I’ve worn it to church, to FQF, and to dinner with the girls when it’s been warm and sunshine-y but also when it’s cold and rainy. It’s so easy, you want one, I promise. My bow sandals are linked here, I’ve got them in blush, but they come in a ton of other colors and are super comfy!

Otherwise, I’ve been spending the remainder of my time in my Align pants typically paired with an Astros shirt or some other super washed-in shirt sitting at my dining room table eating Reese’s eggs and drinking loads of milk, because that’s the only way I can be productive. So my friends I’m asking you to keep me in your prayers these next few weeks as I prepare for my exam, while trying to make some pretty big decision about my future. It’s been a rough few weeks for me so prayers for peace and clarity right now as I start taking these super important steps towards adulting (yikes) would be so so appreciated.

Lastly, for anyone going through a hard time, one of my supervisors from my last fieldwork assignment introduced me to the Novena Mary Undoer of Knots and I’ve been praying it at least once a day. I mean although I wish there were Fastpasses we could use to get our prayer requests answered ASAP, I’ve felt a sense of peace wash over me since I’ve devoted myself to Mary through this novena and I encourage you to do the same if there are any knots holding you hostage in your own life.

So there ya have it, a little bit of baseball, a little bit of NOLA, a little bit of fashion, and a little bit of faith- pretty much all of the ingredients that have made up my April thus far! I hope y’all have an awesome week my friends, lets hope the weather chills out and we get loads of sunny and 75! Be sure to come back next week for some info about MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! I’m so excited, and I know once you find out what’s being given away you will be too!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.19.05 PM

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