The Power of a “Thank You”

“Thank You”- typically one of the first two-word phrases a parent teaches their child. This is such an important two-word phrase, but one that I’ve found is often under used, especially where it really matters.

When I pray I always make sure to offer up prayers of thanksgiving just as much, if not more than, prayers of petition. I thank God for the phone calls that I get with my friends across the country, the strength of girls that I get to work with, the patience of my parents who’ve put up with me for 25 years, the discomfort then peace often caused by truthful soul-sistas. So God knows that I am thankful for these people and they each know that I’m thankful for the other groups but often, they have no idea how thankful I am for them and for the joy they bring into my life. The thank yous that I often don’t share rob these people of the opportunity to have their incredible character validated, and who am I to rob them of this?

I have had conversations with friends for hours that end with them thanking me for listening- I should be thanking them for making me feel that my opinion matters. I’ve talked my moms ear off about dumb things for literally 25 years and she thanks me for letting her vent via text like three times a year- I should be thanking her every single day for being the absolute best mom on the planet. I’ve have friends thank me for inviting them places or suggesting plans- I should be thanking them for their companionship and for making me feel less lonely during this weird transition time. You see friends, my point is, we’re often so quick to thank the guy who holds the door open for us or the waiter who refills our water glass, but we are often so much more hesitant to humbly thank those who have given us support and love and affirmation when we are at our highest of highs but also at our lowest of lows. It takes a whole lot of humility and  vulnerability to say “thank you” for REAL things. So let’s do it together, let’s try to make more of an effort to tell those around us how we really feel about them and the impact that they have on our lives, which can all be done with those two little words- Thank You.

I’m thankful for the friends who have turned into the family and the conversations that made those transitions happen.

I’m thankful for the sacrifices that my parents made so that I could live the blissfully wonderful life that I live.

I’m thankful for the chance to work every single day with some of the most intelligent, Jesus-loving, strong, and funny women I’ve ever met.

I’m thankful for the inventor of Coke Icees, Haribo Gummy Bears, Stress Relief Pillow Spray, the game of football (eventhough heart attack during a Saints game will likely be the cause of my death), and a southern roux.

I’m thankful for the education that I’ve had from Pre-Kindergarten through graduate school and even more for the people that these schools have brought into my life and the resiliency that these programs have instilled in me.

I’m thankful for people who don’t take themselves too seriously and also for the ones who laugh at my jokes even when they aren’t funny.

I’m thankful for the authors and songwriters who have taught me about love and life and have helped me to get through some rough times.

I’m thankful for the people through the years that told me I couldn’t do the things that I wanted to, for they are the reason that I’ve pushed myself toward my dreams with no turning back.

I’m thankful for the mistakes I’ve made and for the Shelby who turned these mistakes into lessons.

I’m thankful for you. For your support, for your conversation, for your love.

So to all the people who have shaped me into who I am, thank you. I will be saying those two words a whole lot more from now on and I hope that you do too.

Peace and Blessings,

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One thought on “The Power of a “Thank You”

  1. Love this Shelby! You are right. We take so much for granted and neglect to say “ thank you” for so much. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Thank you for being the special person that you are and for sharing yourself with all of us.
    Since I am your Aunt I can say “thank you” for letting me be a part of you life journey.
    Love you❤️


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