Yesterday, I didn’t do much. But by “not doing much” I realize that I in turn did a lot. You see, my weekends start at noon on Friday when I get off of work. This week I left straight from work to meet my mom to shop and go to lunch, went home, cleaned my car, went visit my godchild, grabbed Mexican with my friend and her family, went to a high school football game, woke up the next morning and drove back to Baton Rouge to tailgate and attend the LSU game. I intended to go to NOLA yesterday for the Saints game but with a change of plans I stayed in Baton Rouge and watched the game alone on my couch, which I was not too happy about. I did typical Sunday things- went to church, grabbed some lunch, grocery shopped, cooked, watched football, and did laundry- womp womp womp- so unexciting. BUT SO REFRESHING.

On one of my morning drives this week I was trying to figure out why I’ve been feeling just so dang exhausted. For clarification purposes- I think there’s such a difference in feeling “tired” and feeling “exhausted”- Tired= sleepy, exhausted=my body physically can’t go anymore. So anyways, I was exhausted, and I was annoyed that I was feeling this way. After some thinking I realized that I’m stuck in a pretty bad cycle right now, and here it is… I’m sad when I’m sitting at home doing nothing, I feel like the world is moving around me and I’m stuck, so, what do I do? I go, I spend my time and money keeping myself busy even if it means doing things I don’t necessarily want to be doing, then I get retrospectively frustrated that I spent time and money on those things, so I spend more time and money doing things to fill the time so I won’t beat myself up about it- HELLO THAT’S EXHAUSTING and pretty dumb.

So, I’m making a promise to myself, and if you realize that you’re stuck in the same cycle, I encourage you to make the same promise to yourself- I’m promising myself to do more of what makes me happy and to do less of what doesn’t. I’ve always been good about the first part but I struggle with the second- the “doing less” part. With that being said, today’s day of doing what my body’s been needing for so long, nothing, was magical. I did what I’ve been deep down wanting to do for so long but have been putting off because I was scared to be alone with my thoughts.  But what it did was allow me to get my mind and body and spirit ready for the week; it prepared me to truly conquer the week rather than to simply go through the motions. Just by giving myself a few hours to re-cooperate yesterday, I will be able to tackle today not exhausted, and I am so looking forward to it. I’m hoping to make a habit of prioritizing myself and my wants and needs above doing things out of fear of missing out or keeping my mind busy, and I hope that you guys can do the same! If you have any advice for me on how to make this easier it would be so so welcomed ❤

That’s all for today, guys. I hope everyone enjoyed the first real weekend of full blown football craziness, I know I sure did- midday Sunday nap and all!

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