Sloths and Soap and Baseball

So I’m sitting here, 10:34 PM Sunday night and friends I. AM. TIRED. We had baseball playoffs Friday, then more baseball all day Saturday followed by my cousin’s surprise proposal party lasting to the wee hours of the morning, followed by a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, and Church today. So now, I’m on my couch watching Dirty Dancing for the first time in my life, filling the commercial breaks with The Office outtakes, and drinking a big ole glass of milk trying to keep my eyes open. So with all of that considered, let’s get to it!

Firstly, my giveaway with The Basketry starts today,  woohoooo! You’ll have until next Tuesday (May 8th) at 10:00PM to enter. We’re giving you 3 ways to enter: 1. Like @thebasketry and @__xoShelby__ on Instagram and comment on the post that looks like the one below tagging your favorite momma (or potential future momma), 2. Share the post and tag us both on Instagram or on Facebook, and 3. Like both of us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to my blog! So be sure to head over to any of our social media pages to be a part of the exciting giveaway! xoShelBY x The Basketry

Secondly, not sure if you caught what I kind of revealed ^^ but I’m launching a Facebook and Instagram for xoShelby! I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now, but felt like taking that step would help the little community we’ve created here to extend a little further! So my Instagram handle (I think that’s what the cool kids call it) is __xoShelby__ and my Facebook is simply xoShelby! Please be sure to like/follow 🙂

Lastly, a little life update:

  1. I’m almost finished school forever (I think) and I’M FREAKING OUT. I take my boards in a few weeks, graduate on the 17th of May with my Masters in Occupational Therapy, and will start my job a few weeks after that at a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic in Prairieville! Send prayers for me- It’s SO hard to stay on the books when there’s so much fun going on around me!
  2. Our weather in Louisiana has been BEAUTIFUL. We’ve spent nearly every afternoon eating on the back patio tossing a ball around, playing with the farm animals, or watching the brothers carve out a mini-golf course- normal afternoons right?!
    Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.15.55 PM
    Check out that form!

    3. Y’all, I somehow became old enough to chaperone a high school fieldtrip (give me a second to wipe my tears). I got to accompany Sutton and the 50 other SCC Ambassadors to New Orleans on a trip to the Cathedral, Louisiana State Museum, and Cafe Du Monde ❤ They were such a joy, I’m so thankful I got that time with him and his friends!

    Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.31.00 PM.png4. We have more baseball next weekend in Lafayette, and y’all it’s been so much fun spending time with our baseball moms and sisters so keep those Comets in your prayers as we travel to take on Teurlings Catholic next week in the Quarterfinals, I’m SO not ready for the season to end! Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.16.36 PM.png5. MOST IMPORTANTLY- my cousin’s surprise proposal party I mentioned featured a sloth. Here’s my cousin, Hunter, waiting for his soon to be fiancee while all of their family and friends were hiding so she couldn’t see us! But y’all, A SLOTH. That is all, I just felt everyone would appreciate that. Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 11.30.43 PM.pngEnjoy this week my friends, remember to go enter the giveaway and share the post so your friends and family can enter too! The Basketry team and I are so excited to get to share some of our favorite products with you all ❤ Have a wonderful week and enjoy the beautiful sunshine we’ve been blessed with!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.19.05 PM

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